Hohmtech has hit a Hohm run with the new Generation II Hohm Wrecker!! On-board ROM, an OS, Stealth Upgrade Port and the ability to vape with any metal could make this the game changer MOD you’ve been waiting for!


  • With FSK* chip technology, this device needs only (2) 20A+ 18650 batteries
  •  Size: 4.13 x 2.28 x 0.94 in. (105 x 58 x 24 mm)
  •  Thread Style: 510 connection with full-face push pin with high-tensile strength spring
  •  Wattage Output: 10W – 151W (also in TC)
  •  Voltage Output: FSK Intellichips automation
  •  Temperature Range: 200 oF – 700 oF (93 oC – 372 oC)
  •  Ohm Resistance Range: 0.007Ω – 3Ω
  •  Temp/Watt Increments:  .1-1 watts (WATTS MODE) : 10 oF (TEMP MODE) : 1 oC (TEMP MODE)
  •  Coil/Wire Types: Ni, SS, Ti, NiCr, K, & all permutations
  • Dedicated Menu for Any Mettal (XXX….Vape Porn)
  • 64Kb onboard ROM(runs an OS-Hybrid platform)
  • Measures Kanthal / Nichrome & ALL Metal Temps (RDA, tanks, & any atty’s temperatures can be measured & limited)
  • Stealth Update Port (Inside the battery door)
  • Multistage Stepping System (this enables users 32-37% more hits than no MSS devices – Automation Mode)
  • Psycoil: FSK Chip READS RDA & Tank’s Palm(measures gauge wire via time, ohm, & power flow…Result: engineered accuracy of independent volts vs. watts adjustments)

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