Vaping: Becoming a Coil Builder

There are many people out there looking for that perfect coil to take their vaping experience to the next level. It can be frustrating as people struggle with trying various coils, never finding one that fully matches their needs. Why not try building a coil yourself?

Coil building is exactly what it sounds like: building a coil from scratch. While this can be a challenge, for the experienced vaper this could be exactly what’s needed to find that perfect vape you’re looking for.

How exactly do you build a coil?

First, there are several items you will need (make sure you have an ohms reader. This allows you to check the resistance of the coil). Next, make sure you have an RDA to go with the coil. Resistance wires will be needed, such as Kanthal or NiChrome. Make sure you have a small, 2mm screwdriver to put the equipment together. A small propane or butane flame is also needed. Tweezers are needed for the wires, in addition to wire cutters, nail clippers, or scissors. Make sure you have the material for the wick as well, such as cotton or silica. Finally, have the juice you’re using with you.

The first step is to figure out how many turns, or wraps, the coil will need to give the desired resistance. Some people may know of the top of their head, but many different calculators are available online based on wire size, coil type, and desired resistance.

The next step is to oxidize the wire. Cut a piece of wire to a length of about 4 inches. Hold the wire with the tweezers or forceps and light the torch with the wire inside the flame until it glows orange along its length. This makes the wire more manageable to work with.

Then, grab the screwdriver and wire with the tweezers and wrap the wire around the screwdriver until reaching the desired number of wraps from above. Keep the coils close together but not overlapping. Keep the wire tight to eliminate any slack. Make sure you finish with the ends pointed in the same direction. Pull on the ends to tighten but do not remove the coil from the screwdriver.

Finally, take the build deck of that RDA and loosen it. Take the coil on the screwdriver and place one end in the positive hole and the other end on the negative post. Place the coil in the center of the build deck and then remove the screwdriver.

The last step is to wick the coil as your normally would. Make sure you test the coil for shorts before using!

What type of vapers should be building their own coil? This is only reserved for those with the experience to know exactly what they’re looking for in the coil. Ideally, people have tried many different coil, wick, and juice combinations to know exactly how small changes impact the experience. Furthermore, experience is needed with flames to ensure that people don’t get hurt building the coil.

As you can see, coil building is a great experience and a fantastic way to truly add your signature touch to the vaping experience. For those with experience with both flames and coils, why not give it a try?

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