Vape NW Fire

Vape NW Out of Business Due to Fire

On 5/21, early Sunday morning a small shopping center caught fire in Federal Way, Washington. When the smoke cleared, the building housing several businesses was completely destroyed.

In the shopping center there was a Subway, a Grocery Store, a Restaurant and you guessed it, a vape shop called Total Vape that happened to be the headquarters for one of the biggest online vape retailers in the US, Vape NW.

Vape NW Fire

No serious injuries were reported but a local firefighter did sustain a minor injury.

The shopping center was an older building that was built in the 1970s. It did not have a fire alarm or sprinkler system. Which could have made a difference if those fire safety features would have been installed in the building.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

Vape NW

Vape NW Fire

Without question Vape NW has made a large impact on the online vape retail industry in just a short time. The domain name was purchased on March 11,2014, according to Domain Age Checker. In just 3 years Vape NW has established itself as a top provider in E-Liquids, Mods and Atomizers. The website also generated more than 180,000 unique US visitors a month.

So what does the future hold for Vape NW? It is unclear if they will make a comeback but as for right now they are out of business. They report on their website that they experienced a total loss from the fire but no ETA on when they will be back up in running has been provided.

Even though Vape NW is a competitor we hate to see any business, especially in the Vape Industry to experience such a tragedy. We here, at The Cloudy Vapor hope they can recover from this disaster.


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