A True Monster Indeed: MONSTER V3 RTA

The Monster V3 RTA made by 528 Custom is an outstanding choice for experienced builders. The RTA combines well-crafted parts with a competitive feature set that is perfect for customized builds. The V3 is significantly improved over the V2 and takes a unique approach to increasing airflow without losing flavor or temperature.

From the moment you open the box, the quality of the Monster V3 is apparent. The threads are smooth and the standard 510 pin is actually made of copper for maximum customizability. This means the Monster V3 will work with a variety of hybrid connections, and an extra chuff kit is included. The center pin is gold-plated to maximize efficiency, and the whole build has a hefty, solid feel.

The V3 brags 75 percent increased airflow over the V2, most likely due to the large hole in the base. Essentially, there is no AFC, which is great for vapers who want that level of freedom, but can be difficult to manage properly for newer builders.

The airflow is noticeably improved over the previous models, and it makes great vapor clouds. Newer vapers should experiment with different airflow builds, as many high airflow builds mask flavor to some extent. A high-quality tip or an open-design coil will make the best use of airflow in the build. While the higher airflow may cause you to go through e-juice quicker than normal, the Monster V3 has a large 5ml tank to help offset this.

The large tank means a new design for the chimney and deck. The longer chimney contributes to cooling and the new design means veterans can sub ohm vape with this build without worrying about melting the insulator or other parts.The tank is filled through the bottom with a screwdriver, which makes for a solid, leak-free connection but means vapers on-the-go will want to ensure they have a full tank before leaving the house.

The Monster V3 is a new model in an already successful line of 528 Custom Vape products. The large tank and customizable connections are durable and well-made. For experienced builders or those who are trying something new, the Monster V3 RTA is a simple build that can be finished quickly without trading speed for quality.

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