Top 3 Summertime E-Liquids From The Cloudy Vapor


Summer is now fully upon us, and for vapers, the warm weather calls for an e-juice flavor to match. You’ll want your summertime vape flavor to be breezy and refreshing to combat the heat and humidity, and to be tasty and pleasurable so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities that come with the summertime months.

Choosing your perfect summer vape flavor comes down to the personal preference of each vaper, but these 3 e-liquids have been making waves with vapers as the perfect summertime blends:


First we’ve NKTR Mango which’s a tropical Mango flavor that’s not too sweet or too sour, making it a satisfying and refreshing e-juice flavor. It’s perfect for those hot summer days, as it is sure to satisfy your warm weather vaping needs.

SUMMERTIME E-LIQUID #2: Surfin by Lizard Nipples

Next up in our summertime e-liquid pick is Surfin by Lizard Nipples. This tropical vape is smooth, relaxing, and made for the summer. The coconut and pineapple blend makes users feel like they are kicking back in a tropical paradise or catching a few waves, making this e-liquid incredibly popular during the warm part of the year.


This e-juice is specifically made for the summer. Packing the perfect summertime blend of pineapple and wild grapes, blended with a tropical fruit cream flavor. Whether on vacation or just going about your summertime day, Pineapple Flurry will be perfect for enjoying the warm weather.

When it comes to selecting e-liquid that’s perfect for the summer, you’ll want to have a blend that’s fruity, tropical, and fresh in order to blend well with the weather. You want to feel relaxed and satisfied, as if you’re on vacation. With these three you can significantly enhance your summertime experience.

And once you’ve chosen your perfect summertime flavor, get out there and enjoy the  weather. Even if you’re just going about your normal routine, these fruity vapes will make you feel as if you’re kicking back in the tropics.

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