Squonking is Taking Hold of 2017

Squonking is Taking Hold of 2017

In the vape community, there’s an old trend made new again that’s going to hit hard in 2017 that will make vaping easier and more convenient, it’s called Squonking. Most are familiar with dripping and RDA’s, but only a small amount of people who drip have ever used a squonk box, but that’s about to change. Although dripping is the preferred way to vape for many, it isn’t always the most convenient.

What is squonking? A squonk box is a mod that allows you to fill your E-Liquid and then squeeze that E Juice directly to your RDA without the need to drip directly onto your cotton. All you need is a squonk mod and a compatible RDA. There are a few entry level options available now, but those devices seem to get split reviews. Why is this? It doesn’t pertain to the ease of squonking itself, but mostly because these devices lacked quality, e.g., the Dripbox. There are some nice squonk mods available now, usually at expensive price points, but much more affordable ones are expected to release this year. Squonking is taking the vape world by storm, and many companies are turning their gaze to creating more of these devices. We are already seeing an upswing of RDA’s being made to meet this demand.

Squonking    The launch of the DripBox has impacted squonking, and many vapers loved the idea of it, but again, the quality of these mods was hit hard with mediocre reviews. Although this isn’t a review for the DripBox, it is important to mention though, that the release of these mods helped resurge the excitement for squonking. Many vapers loved the Dripbox, but there are some who wished it offered a higher quality. Only a small percentage of vapers even knew what squonking was that is until these boxes were released. Those who tried these mods loved the squonking idea, but they learned that these boxes weren’t very well made which left many frustrated.

How do we solve these issues? Simple, excellent quality products are underway. Right now, there are two RDA’s available for purchasing now. These are fantastic quality RDA’s and they have a very well thought-out design. We are going to touch on the two newer BF (bottom feeder) RDA’s. The PULSE BF RDA BY VANDY VAPE AND TONY BRITTAN and The WOTOFO SERPENT BF RDA . Both of these have BF 510 pins which mean they have the capability to squonk. A BF pin is a 510 pin that has a little hole in it so that when you choose to squonk, you squeeze your eliquid and the ejuice flows up the BF pin directly into your RDA and onto your cotton. BF is the abbreviation for bottom feeder, I know for some of you these are all new terms, so it’s important to become acquainted with them. When you see an RDA, and it states it has a BF pin, this is what it means. A well-constructed RDA with a BF pin will guard against any leaking into the 510 underneath the RDA and function accurately.

Pulse BF RDA by Vandy Vape and Tony BrittanThe Pulse BF RDA is a well-constructed flavor chasers dream, as well as the perfect squonk RDA. This stainless steel 22MM RDA comes with a gold plated deck and offers a postless deck for a single coil. Extreme care and innovation were placed when designing this RDA. It is necessary to note that the BF pin was created with a hex design to prevent any unwanted leaking, you won’t need to be continually checking to see if your e-liquid is flowing out because it simply won’t be.  The exhaust pipe like airflow is innovative and like something we have not seen before.This is an ingenious design created by Tony Brittan from The Vapor Trail Channel, who partnered with Vandy Vape. To see for yourself how good of an RDA this is, watch the video below by Rip Trippers.

As you can see even Rip said that squonking is going to be coming back in a very big way this year. There is not very many affordable squonking mods right now but I bet you within 2-3 months the market will start to be flooded with them.



SquonkingThe Serpent BF RDA by WOTOFO is a single or double coil RDA with a gold plated deck and is also 22MM. It is attractive and is equipped with a 24K gold plated contact pin, and also has a unique design to guard against any leaking. If you’re looking for the next big vape products, look no further than these BF RDA’s.

Even the new Goon 1.5 by 528 Customs has a squonk pin included!

Final thoughts, squonking is the future of vaping, it’s in high demand, simple, and convenient. Be on the lookout for more squonk mods to release, many vapers already are buying them up now, but much more are going to drop very soon. If you want to make dripping easier and a tank just isn’t for you, then these bottom feeder RDA’s are a perfect match. Grab one today and experience the future of vaping.







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