SEO Services For The Vape Industry

SEO is something that often gets overlooked in the vape industry. With limited advertising options, it’s more crucial than ever. Did you know that the vape industry is a restricted industry? That means that Ads are not allowed on Google or Facebook. A lot of people consider that a bad thing, but it is a huge opportunity. It makes SEO more important for us without having to compete with whoever has the biggest AD budget.

Another thing that makes the Vape Industry unique is how fast moving it is. Products or as I think of them, keywords can often grow obsolete and not matter as much within a few months. New keywords are popping up weekly by the dozen. So constant new listings and SEO strategies are necessary to keep you relevant, especially if you are an online retailer.

SEO is broken down into two main categories, on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO consist of making sure your product/content is optimized for SEO. This includes having unique content and having a decent keyword density on your pages. This can even involve manually indexing your new content and page updates with Google. It can be a mistake to wait for Google to crawl your site to index your new content.

Off-site SEO consist of backlinks for your products and content. Backlinks does not involve just throwing links up all over the place, it involves writing well written blogs on quality sites with the right anchor text to help you rank for your keywords. Not only does this help rank your pages for your chosen keywords, it helps you build domain authority for your whole website. Domain authority (DA) is an important factor and sites that are older with good DA can easily out rank you pretty quickly.

Our Services

Local SEO- Google Maps or Google My Business listings is of the utmost importance when it comes to customers finding your shop. Ever notice when you search for a store close to you that only 3 Google Maps results pop up at the top and you have to click “See more places” to see the rest. Many customers do not click to see more and go off the top 3 results. This can amount to a lot of lost business for shops. Our Local Seo services can help you get in those top three positions. Only $175 per store location a month. 

Every website is unique and has different needs. Each one of our plans is tailored made just for you

We will help you identify what keywords you should target, make sure your pages are optimized, provide backlinks and will even index your pages with Google.

If your an online retail site, I can use my knowledge and connections of upcoming products to get you ranked before they are even announced. This will involve me creating the product listing for you, writing all the necessary details and indexing your listing with Google.  We can use your keyword allotment for this and as the type of products that your looking for becomes known, I will create the listing for you. This sometimes involves working at 2 am after a Chinese company has made a new product known.

Please keep in mind that older established keywords take time, you will see quicker results with new products but it will still take time to establish domain authority and make your rankings stick. This will work better for you if you keep your plan active over a course of many months, as one month will get you very limited results.

I will be straight up with you, these services are not cheap. It takes alot of time and knowledge to bring you the results your company needs. SEO professionals that have intimate knowledge of the vape industry like I do, are few and far between. You get what you pay for. But if your on a budget we can always talk and see if I can come up with a plan that will help you. I do not quote prices on here because every website is unique and has different needs.

If your interested, make sure to submit your info for a free website audit. Make sure to write your website URL in the comment box. We will send you your report ASAP.

About me

I started out selling pen starter kits in Wal-Mart parking lots in 2014 as a side gig. I quickly saw the potential of the vape industry and fell in love with it. I launched in 2015 and have used my SEO skills to rank first page on Google for many products. In a matter of a 6 month timespan of me focusing on SEO I went from a few thousand visitors a month to well over 20,000 visitors a month.

I have written articles in both Vapun Magazine and Vape News Magazine. I travel to several vape shows across the country every year and have become friends with many well known Vape YouTubers.

I have a passion for business and the vape industry. I hope to use this passion to help others in their business ventures as well.