Pulse Regulated 80w Squonk Mod Is The Hottest Mod of 2018

Pulse Regulated 80w Squonk Mod Is The Hottest Mod of 2018

I am saying it right now, this is going to be the hottest mod of 2018, hands down. To explain to you why I think that we are going to take a vape history lesson.

In the early summer of 2017 affordable squonk mods (under $100) was almost unheard of. Squonking was mostly limited to the elite hobbyist.  Then Tony B (Vapor Trail Channel) came out with the Pulse 22 RDA and a couple of months later the Pulse 24 RDA. These RDAs were the first mass produced RDAs (or RSA) that were designed with squonking as the main focus. These RDAs came with the squonk pin installed, you could also drip if you wanted to but they really shined through squonking. Before this all RDAs came with a regular pin installed and many included an optional squonk pin just in case you wanted to squonk with it. But they were not designed for that.

The way these RDAs were designed with split juice channels that disturbed evenly, the hex squonk pins and the tubular top airflow was genius. The stage was set and the demand for affordable squonk mods was going through the roof.

Then around October, Tony and Vandy Vape dropped the Pulse Mod.  It was a well designed unregulated squonk mod for under $40. They were even customizable with switchable panels and colored bottles. I can tell you for an absolute fact, this mod is our best seller of all time. Not one other product has come close to it. The demand was CRAZY!

Pulse Regulated 80w Squonk Mod

The reason the Regulated Pulse 80w is going to slaughter all other squonk mods is simple. The new pulse is only slightly bigger then the original pulse (see picture above), has a kick ass gene chip that can be updated, takes a single 20700 or 18650 and will be super simple to use. There is only like 2 or 3 other single battery regulated squonk mods out there. The iJoy Capo Squonk Mod (that got alot of shit for having an underpowered chip) and the Fuchai 213 Squonk mod are some of the more popular ones.  These mods just can not be compared to the form factor, ease of use and popularity of the Pulse Regulated 80w by Vandy Vape.

The amount of inquires Tony and I are getting for this mod even before official announcement is insane. Few products have this much hype to it and then live up to the hype. If your a manufacturer looking to come out with a regulated squonk mod this year, this is the mod to beat. However, I am fairly confident no one will be able to. In sales or performance.


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