Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank Review

Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank Review

The Reactor Tank by Limitless Mod Co is here, and vaping has never been more reliable. The Reactor Tank is not only attractive, but it has great flavor and awesome vapor production. This uniquely designed 24mm tank has an outer cage around the glass giving it an outward appeal and making it stand out. When it comes to vaping there is a few kings in the market, and one of those kings is Limitless. They have released many products that not only function well but are fun and exciting. After using the Reactor Tank, you will experience airflow with a perfect draw and flavors that are unmasked and pure.

Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank Review

The sleek design of the Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank has a very appealing look; yes, it’s attractive, and the steel cage around the outside of the tank makes this beauty pop. We all know that something may be beautiful on the outside and disappoint on the inside, but that isn’t the case with this tank, it is as genuine as they come. The structure is sturdy, and the tank itself is smooth to touch. The design is consistently even there are no rough edges, and nothing to snag your clothing or your fingers this includes all the threading inside the tank. The Reactor Tank follows all standards set by Limitless, and it looks as expected.

The cap of this tank is threaded and screws securely in place sealing the top fill holes and locking in your juice, so there isn’t a chance of spillage or leakage from the top. The tank capacity isn’t too much or too little and holds a perfect 3ml of e-juice. Vaping is made simple and is mess free with this tank. Once you screw your cap back down, you can be certain your e-juice is where it should be, in your tank and not on your hands or worse your mod.

Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank Review

The contact pin of this tank is Gold Plated and protrudes so it can be paired with a hybrid mod, but please as always practice caution and know vape safety, hybrid mods aren’t for the inexperienced vaper with that said, this is a great tank for all vapers.

The .5 ohm coils are spectacular and are designed with care with airflow in mind. The coils have slanted hole slots on them which integrate the airflow from the bottom of the tank straight into and through the coils themselves. These coils can be used between 40W to 80W. Regardless of where you like to vape the ingenious design of these coils will deliver a punch of airflow for high performance and cooler hits.

Limitless Reactor Sub Ohm Tank Review

Flavor isn’t a concern with this tank or these coils; you will enjoy a consistent vape all day long. Your menthols will be minty, and your milky clouds will be creamy. This tank also gives you the perfect vapor production; you will not be disappointed.

Limitless is known for their designs and their trusted functionality. They have given us a well thought out design and a tank that champions other tanks. While others rush to release new designs, Limitless takes their time to craft a flawless tank that not only impresses the eyes but thrills the tastes buds.


Written by Katie aka Vape Girl Review 

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