FDA Deadline pushed back for vaping products

FDA Deadline pushed back for Vaping Products

FDA Deadline pushed back for Vaping Products

After hearing about the defeat of the Nicopure lawsuit against the FDA and dealing with blow after blow, the vaping industry needed some good news. Well that good news is here.

The FDA has officially announced that Regulation deadline for vaping products has been pushed back 4 years to August 8th, 2022!

This screenshot was taken from FDAs website

FDA Deadline pushed back for Vaping Products

That is wonderful news! A lot can happen in the vape industry in 5 years. Hopefully innovation will continue to flow and millions of people will make the switch to vaping.

While the fight is far from over this certainly buys us the time that we so desperately need. Do not take this news as a sign though that we can sit back and relax. More than ever we need to continue this fight. Please join organizations like CASAA, and respond to their calls to action. United we stand.

Here is a great video from GrimmGreen explaining it in greater detail.

Vape on and keep your forecast cloudy.


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