The GLACIER GEN 3 BY VAPERZ CLOUD is the latest design featuring a stylish deck along with large post holes and four nicely sized wick holes. It’s easy to add e-liquid to the 3 mm fill holes located on both sides of the deck underneath the coils. It works by keeping your coils cool, which prevents overheating. When your coils are too hot for a sustained period of time, this not only causes a burnt taste, it can can completely ruin your coil. There are 32 airflow holes as a new addition to the Glacier Gen 3.

The tank comes complete with spare parts including o-rings, coils, and screws. In case an accident happens, the Glacier Gen has your back by also including replacement glass and a hex screwdriver bit. All of the parts include a 14 day warranty so that you can quickly replace any defective part.

If you’re looking for a tank that’ll give you maximum flavor, then you’ve found it. The Glacier Gen 3 has excellent vapor production that’ll give you the full flavorful hit you’re looking for every time. The tank has the perfect amount of capacity, you can put up to 2 ml of e-liquid inside. Plus, the large wick holes make for optimum wicking. This rebuildable atomizer is well-designed and truly a sight to behold.

You can easily remove the tip which’s held on by the o-rings. The top cap is mainly for airflow. The holes appear to be a design but they actually work to make the atomizer more effective by ensuring there is enough air flow. The holes are on both sides of the atomizer for even airflow. You’re able to adjust the airflow by twisting the top. You can fully close it to cause your hits to be tighter or loosen it for the opposite effect. Of course the glass area is where you would add your e-liquid to the tank.

The copper dual posts should stick out from either end of the tank only slightly and it shouldn’t be indented. This part of the device is not adjustable. By taking the tank apart you can see the interior conical design that will make contact with your drip tip. The post holes are very generous in size and are big enough for any wire. The cotton wicking fits easily into the four slots on the deck providing an excellent hit. You’ll need to utilize a small screwdriver with the included screwdriver bit and remove the copper post in order to wick and add your e-liquid. There are o-rings all throughout the device keeping it secure as well as insulation to keep it safe. This highly effective tank is built to last and will not disappoint.

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