4 Ways to Get a Stronger Throat Hit From Your MOD

Throat hit is the feeling of satisfaction you experience at the back of your throat or lungs after inhaling nicotine. The intensity of throat hit will vary from one MOD to another will depend on several factors. There are several ways through which you can alter the throat hit strength of your MOD, some of which are discussed below.

Changing Nicotine Level
The level of nicotine you use in your MOD is a key determinate of the strength of throat hit you get from the device. The higher the nicotine content in your e-juice, the harder, better and stronger the hit will be. Currently, there are various e-juice nicotine levels available in the market, including 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg. This being the case, you can purchase the e-juice that will deliver the hit strength you desire.

Changing the Power Setting
If your MOD has a variable temperature or wattage control, you can adjust it to get a stronger hit. While the smaller tank vaporizers can only support low wattage vaping, other MOD types, such as; sub-ohm tank and powerhouse styles, can support a higher wattage. You can exploit this mod setting to get stronger throat hits. In this case, you should increase the power to a higher value like 50W to make the hit stronger.

Altering the PG/VG Ratio
The PG/VG ratio of e-juice you use in your vaporizer has also been proven to affect the throat hit strength. Basically, PG contributes to a stronger hit as compared to VG. In this regard, the e-liquids with higher VG content are best for users who want a smoother vape. Additionally, the throat hit delivered by PG is somewhat different from that offered by nicotine; PG throat hit is sharper and biting. While increasing the amount of PG can make your hits stronger, too much of it can make vaping unpleasant. This is particularly the case if you are using your mod at higher power levels.

Adjusting Airflow Settings on Your MOD
If the above mentioned adjustments do not deliver your desired hit strength, you can regulate airflow in your mod to make the hit stronger. Increasing airflow in your mod will lower the strength of throat hit your get. As such, you should reduce airflow into the vaporizer. By limiting the amount of air that goes into the device, you will increase the concentration of the e-juice in the vapor you are inhaling. This being the case, you are likely to experience a stronger hit with limited airflow into the MOD.

A stronger throat hit is not only important for those trying to quit smoking; it also delivers a different perspective of vaping experience. Understanding how your choice of e-juice and setup can impact on the throat hit allows you to satisfy your tastes, with regards to your preferred hit strength and overall vaping experience.

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