4 Critical Battery Safety Summer Tips


When it comes to the summer heat, there are many possible ways that your MOD’s battery can find itself drained and damaged. Without a working battery, your device won’t work, and we wouldn’t want you to find yourself in that dire situation. So instead of waiting for your MOD’s battery to fail due to the summer heat, stay ahead of the risks and use these 4 critical battery safety tips to keep your MOD working properly.

Tip #1: Avoid Leaving Your MOD in the Car
This may sound like a no-brainer, but too many vape enthusiasts leave their MOD in their car during hot summer days expecting everything to be fine. After all, the device isn’t directly in the sunlight right? Wrong. If you keep your MOD in the car, you run the risk of catastrophic battery failure. Why? Because cars tend to be hotter than the actual temperature outside and a hot vehicle that is sitting in direct sunlight can reach temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as two hours. Lithium-ion batteries start to break down at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. E-liquids start to break down around 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which can cause weird flavors as well as damage to the atomizer.

Tip #2: Batteries Have to Be Kept in Cool Areas
If you know that you’re going to be outside vaping, such as a long day at the beach or on a road trip, pack a cooler. Keeping your batteries in a cool place will keep them from overheating. This is also a great way to cool down your batteries in between using your vape outside. Alternatively, if you don’t have a cooler, try keeping the MOD in your trunk. This is usually the coolest area of your vehicle on hot summer days.

Tip #3: If the Battery is Showing Signs of Wear, It Needs to Be Disposed Of
If you notice that your battery in your MOD isn’t working properly or is beginning to show signs of wear, then get rid of it. Don’t try to salvage the battery. Get a new one. Vaping batteries are more dangerous than regular batteries and if they become too damaged and too hot (think approximately 115 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit) then the battery can actually rupture and then explode. What constitutes signs of wear? Any ripping, tearing, blistering, bulging or other damage.

Tip 4: Do Not Charge Your Batteries for Long Periods of Time
When you’re charging your batteries for too long, you run the risk of damaging them. When you do charge your batteries, stay in the vicinity, and once they’re fully charged, unplug them.

Follow these critical battery safety tips and you can enjoy endless hours of summer fun with your MOD. Remember that these tips aren’t just to protect your device from catastrophic battery failures, but they also service to keep you safe.

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