3 Tips to Properly Reduce Your E-Liquid Nicotine Level


If you’re a vaping enthusiast who’s interested in cutting down on your levels of e-liquid nicotine, never fear. There are a variety of different things you can do. If you’re serious about enjoying a vaping session that’s as pleasant and smooth as possible, minimizing your amounts of liquid nicotine can be a smart and productive choice.

One thing you can do is update your existing electronic cigarette devices. You don’t have to keep using a starter kit. Getting something that’s a bit more detailed than your initial kit may do a world of good for you.

Next, take the slow approach. Don’t go “cold turkey” when you’re ready to decrease your e-liquid nicotine amounts. That can often be a recipe for disaster. Be gradual. Test vaping for a couple weeks with nicotine levels that are lower than usual. Assess your attitude about the whole thing after that two week period has passed.

Now, it can also help to blend your e-juice a bit. Dilution can be a great way to cut down on nicotine amounts. It’s important for vapers to understand that manufacturers are all different. Some companies don’t always give consumers choices when it comes to various nic levels and amounts. If you take matters into your own hands and blend your e-liquid, however, you get the opportunity to be  charge.

Some people even make the decision to purchase spare electronic cigarette devices. If you’re truly serious about dropping your e-liquid nicotine levels, you may want to think carefully about maintaining a device that has 0mg in it. You may also want to think about maintaining another device that has more nicotine. You should attempt to regularly transition between the two of them for a while. After a little time passes, you should notice out of nowhere that you’re mysteriously more attracted to the device that has merely 0mg. True success!

If you’re genuinely committed to the idea of minimizing your e-liquid nicotine amounts, nothing should be able to get in your way. Just make sure you first acknowledge your top objective. That of course, is to cut down on your e-liquid nicotine levels. Once you’ve clearly identified your objective, you should then make a firm promise to yourself – never stray from your objective even for a second. If you make a point to routinely reduce your e-liquid’s nicotine, the future will be bright for you. If you want to enjoy vaping at just 0 mg, all you need is a little bit of perseverance, patience and motivation. Decreasing your nicotine e-liquid amounts doesn’t have to be a stressful, frustrating and difficult task for anyone. Believe in yourself and get started right now!

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